Player Marketing

We assist our players in marketing their name and likeness off the ice, including corporate sponsorships, licensing agreements, and more.

Having a strong personal brand is critical for any athlete today. Knowing how to make a strong impression and market yourself not only helps you grow your career, but it can also open up many new opportunities. Our media coaching and consulting teams help you gain endorsement deals, corporate sponsorships, licensing agreements, and off ice opportunities that can last long after your playing days are over.


We help our athletes understand the power of their brand and increase their public image through newspapers, radio and television coverage, websites, and social media. These efforts help you build your value in the marketplace, establish a fan following, and make positive impressions on coaches, scouts, management, and sponsors. Brands are always looking to establish partnerships with athletes who they feel have a positive image and influence in society.

The team at LSE also works with players to manage media requests, build confidence in speaking with reporters and interviewers, and maintain a positive and on brand social media presence. We assist and advise our clients on how they can increase their marketability and maximize the opportunities that come their way. For more information, please contact us today.