Business Management

Business Management

LSE offers contract negotiating services including arbitration, stats and analytics services, financial advisory services, estate planning, tax planning, money management, and off season cash flow plans.

Contract Negotiation

Our experienced contract negotiators have the skill and knowledge needed to get the best opportunities for our clients. Whether you’re signing your first professional deal, or if you have a proven history in your league, we can help you maximize the value on your next contract.


In a salary arbitration hearing, it’s important to be able to show what you’re worth. We can assist with every step of the process, from negotiations prior to the hearing all the way through to signing a new contract. Our team helps you secure the right deal for you.

Stats and Analytics

Analytics are driving a revolution in hockey, but traditional statistics remain a huge factor in today’s game as well. The team at LSE works with athletes to leverage both statistics and advanced analytics into greater success. Each metric has its own value and understanding these metrics and how to present them can be the key to proving your worth to coaches, scouts, executives, and team management.

Financial Advisory

We offer our athletes complete financial advisory services tailored to your individual needs. Through working with top financial planners, investment firms, and other money management professionals, we help you put your finances in the right position at every stage in your career. We know how critical it is that you feel comfortable and secure with your financial advisory team, so we work with you personally to develop a custom plan to meet your unique needs. As a boutique representation and management agency, we give you the one-on-one attention you deserve.

Estate Planning

Our team is diligent and proactive in keeping our clients informed of tax and estate laws and assisting you with strategies to take advantage of such situations. We know how important a strong financial plan is to athletes and their families, which is why we put a keen focus on helping you protect and grow your estate wisely.

Tax Planning

Our team has extensive experience in tax planning and filing. We make sure that you are aware of changes in tax law, how they may affect your situation, and what you can do to put yourself in the best financial position. We also help you navigate the tax impact of playing in many different states and provinces, ensure you receive all deductions that you are entitled to receive, and structure your financial matters and living situation to minimize your tax obligations.

Money Management

It is important for athletes to have a strong money management plan, no matter what stage their career is in. Not only do you want to maximize your earnings, but you also need to carefully plan for the financial security of you and your family going forward. The LSE team can help you balance a great lifestyle with an informed look toward the future.

Off Season Cash Flow Plans

Working with LSE will help you prepare off season cash flow plans that allow you to protect your savings while still benefiting from your earnings. We have the experience and skill necessary to help you use your money wisely during the off season.

Trust LSE

At Live Sports & Entertainment, we work with athletes and their families to help them push their careers and lives to greater heights. Our experienced team provides tailored representation to amateur, junior, collegiate, and professional players. You can trust us to always be dedicated to your success on and off the ice. For more information, please contact us today.